10 Crazy Facts About Kissing That Will Make You Go ‘Wow!’


The first ever on-screen kiss
You’d be surprised to find out that the same man who invented light bulbs has also recorded the first ever silver screen kiss. In 1896, Thomas Edison recorded ‘The Kiss’, a short film that lasted 23 seconds. It featured nothing but two actors kissing each other! The Victorian era society found the film to be quite scandalous.



Why we become addicted to kissing
The more you kiss, the more you like it! Your dopamine levels spikes high after kissing a person you like and that leads to craving for more kisses. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control brain’s pleasure centers and is also spiked when an addict partakes in his addiction. You will also start getting ‘high’ on the love hormone oxytocin which is responsible for sudden feelings of attachment.

Humans aren’t the only ones who kiss
There are several species of animals that enjoy kissing just as much as humans. Although it may not look like what we humans are used to, these animals also use kissing to show affection. Chimpanzees often demonstrate kiss-like behavior after a fight in a sort of ‘fight and make up’ way. Even meerkats and elephants have their own ways of kissing!