10 Secrets Every Woman Should Keep From Her Man


No matter how sincere we can appear, there are always secrets we, women hide, subconsciously, or not. Even the smartest women are not fully sure when to be open and when to keep their mouth shut. Let’s check out the secrets that should stay secrets from our man. Believe it or not, later, you will be thankful for not sharing these 10 with him.



We miss our exes
Yes, we sometimes miss our ex boyfriends so much. Girls do not need any explanations. If you still suffer from that hard breakup and want to share your feelings, your guy should be the last person on Earth to know about it. No matter how close you guys are, just don’t do that. A bottle of wine with your female friend will make it a much better cure.



We stalk our exes!
OK, stalking sounds crazier than what we really do. It is literally impossible not to check in on guys we were with a long time ago. It doesn’t mean we still love them. It’s a curiosity that shouldn’t be taken seriously. As well as stalking our boyfriends’ exes, just because.

We adore ‘me’ times
We often say we miss him being around but is it true? Only partially! Actually we’re glad he’s gone, because now we can enjoy me-time that means being ourselves and get to take a rest.



We hate sports so much
We hate to watch it, we hate to even try to understand the rules of particular kinds of sporting activities. Going to the game is a real torture. But we still go, let’s just call it a sacrifice.

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