10 Secrets Every Woman Should Keep From Her Man


When we fall in love with the guy, we stop eating
It is scientifically proven that falling in love is a stressful event, and losing appetite is a completely normal thing here. And we don’t need to let him know. Don’t turn it into misery.



How many partners we had before
Every girls wants her relationship to be sincere. But when the guy asks how many men she slept with, she would more likely split in half the real number. It is not about lying, but experiencing sexual amnesia, which happens almost unintentionally. We shouldn’t actually confess if we don’t want to. Being sexually active is a part of our adulthood, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

We suffer from daily relationship ups and downs
One day we love him so much and other we’re over his crap. But the next day we feel anxious and want to pretend nothing happened. Kiss and make-up is what we have the very next day. But then we get angry and the story repeats again and again. Women are emotional creatures, but do we have to let him know about all of this? He may think we are crazy!