10 Surprising Turn Offs for Guys Most Girls Know Nothing About


5. Being a child
Men like when they have someone to take care of but girl, you’re a grown up! Your man should not be dealing with all of your problems. If you don’t know how to do something Google might be of help because helplessness is never attractive.



6. Taking someone’s identity
Not in a theft kind of way but in a ‘I want her life’ way. We admire other girls and their lifestyles sometimes but your admiration should be in check. If you are trying to be someone else you are betraying the first rule of successful dating: be yourself.

7. Giving him your all
Your life should not stop spinning just because you got a new beau. Guys scare really easy and seeing you being so available all the time might lead him to thinking you have no other life going on. What in your mind is ‘being a good girlfriend’ for him is a scary thing!