10 Surprising Turn Offs for Guys Most Girls Know Nothing About


8. Expecting him to pay for everything
Are you a grown up? Do you have a job or some sort of income? Then you can at least offer to pay for yourself. Expecting him to pay might turn him away to someone who is more considerate about finances than you are.



9. Being a blabber mouth and telling all
No one likes a gossiper. To you it is a good girls nights out with a lot of talking – for him it is an idea that when you two are done you will be discussing every single detail of your relationship with your friends. Let the private things be truly private.

10. Forgetting to shower
Take care of yourself girl! It doesn’t matter if you have been at home for three days and he unexpectedly came to visit you: a shower is mandatory no matter what. Men fall in love when they pass a great-smelling woman. Don’t let your body odor ruin your relationship.

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