11 Things Women Put Up With In Relationships That Men Have No Clue About


Being in a relationship has its warm and fuzzy moments. But there’s also daily downsides that we deal with as women that gender stereotypes make even more difficult. Having a boyfriend is great, but the various struggles that arise from that can be pretty problematic, and guys have no idea!



1. Overanalyzing the little stuff. What he won’t even remember the next day, we will obsess about for months. And it might not have any merit, but there’s also that sliver of possibility that it could…but we could never express it, or he’d think we were crazy and run away!
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2. The constant wonder if he’ll find something new and shiny and get bored of you. There are so many women parading around like peacocks, and it takes a seriously loyal guy to not pay attention to any of that. Even if he is loyal, that paranoia is always kind of there.
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3. On a related note, dealing with the attention of other women but needing to not act jealous because when women do it, it’s considered possessive or crazy. When it’s the other way around, a girl is a flirt or a slut, so we can’t have our flirty fun either. So frustrating.
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4. Dealing with him having guys over if you guys live together, and pretending that you’re totally cool with the barrage of sports screaming, nacho stains, and toddler-aged dude humor. Lady boner gone 4ever. But we want the guys to think we’re chill, so we play along.
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