11 Things Women Put Up With In Relationships That Men Have No Clue About


9. The pressure of settling down and having kids. Often, men think that women have this crazed Disney fantasy of domestic life that comes out of nowhere. But the pressure women face to get married and pay attention to their “biological clock” is ten-fold and starts way earlier on for us, incepting our brains. And men are scared of “moving too fast.” Tell us about it!
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10. Faking orgasms. Sometimes, a man doesn’t get the job done and you don’t want to hurt his ego, so instead, you’ll fake your own pleasure. And getting the job done with your vibrator after is alright, but not exactly what you were looking for. And god forbid you tell him you didn’t finish or he’ll think “he’s not good enough”, so you feign satisfaction and leave with the female equivalent of blue balls.
Things-Women-Put-Up-With-In-Relationships-That Men-Have-No Clue-About-10

11. Having our feelings dismissed and being gaslighted in a situation. We never want to be seen as overreacting (cue the annoying submissive GF role for the thousandth time), and over time, that can lead to men being condescending and gaslighting us (telling us that we’re not thinking or feeling what they really are. For instance, “overreacting”, when our feelings are valid). And they say women are manipulative! Ugh. Time to watch “Gone Girl” to cheer up a bit.
Things-Women-Put-Up-With-In-Relationships-That Men-Have-No Clue-About-11

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