12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Breaking Up With Him


5. Do you fight the same way?
Speaking of fights, those are also pretty important. Don’t worry, everybody fights once in awhile, it’s normal and not a cause for concern. It’s just one of the ways you figure things out and resolve issues. However, do you fight the same way? Some people need to raise voices and shout things out, others prefer to just forget and move on. Some tend to shut down and walk away because they need space to figure things out, others need to discuss everything in detail right away in order to move past it. If your fighting styles are very different that could be a source of a lot of frustration.



6. Do you have a similar sense of humor?
Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and a sense of humor is what keeps us going when thing get tough. So does he make you laugh? Can he brighten up your mood when you’re feeling down? Do you laugh at the same things and share a similar sense of humor? Because we’re pretty sure everyone has a sense of humor, but does his mash with yours?

7. Does he make your life more interesting?
Now, don’t get it wrong, he’s not supposed to be your source of entertainment, that would be ridiculous. But does he make your everyday life a bit more interesting? Do you feel like even doing mundane chores isn’t as bad when you’re doing them together? Or maybe watching a movie is always better when he’s right next to you?



8. Do you feel encouraged to grow?
You want to surround yourself with people that want the best for you and that encourage you to grow as a person, emotionally, intellectually and otherwise. Does he encourage you to work on your craft, learn knew things and explore the world or do you feel complacent and stuck?