12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Breaking Up With Him


9. Do you love him or the idea of him?
Basically is he really what you want in real life, or is he perhaps someone you think would be great for you? Is he actually what you need or does he just fit certain checkmarks you’ve created for him? We tend to idealize our partners, and once the honeymoon stage wears off the realities can be far from perfect.



10. Why do you want to break up?
This is the most obvious question you should ask yourself. What’s making you want to end this relationship. Is there a particular reason or perhaps a whole list? Write it all down, figure out what bothers you the most and think critically about it.

11.Have you tried talking to him?
Once you figure out those reasons think about whether you’ve made them known to him. Did you bring this up before? Have you had conversations about the things that make you unhappy or things you’d like to change. Is this something he’s willing to work on?



12. Will this make you happy?
This one is tough. If it was easy, you wouldn’t even have to think about it. It probably won’t make you jump with joy the second you break up, but try to think about the implications of this in the long run. Do you feel a sense of ease when you think about no longer being with him? When you think about your future – do you see him in your life or not?



Hopefully asking yourself these questions helped you clear some things up. In the end, you’re the one who’s got to make the decision and you know what’s best for you.

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