12 Signs He’s Not Just What You Want, He’s What You Need


You know that saying about being able to distinguish between what you want and what you need? Sometimes, it’s tempting to fall for the bad boy. It’s that look in his eyes, the mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes the relationship thrilling. It’s the most cavity-inducing candy on the shelf that’s too tempting to resist. But what we really need is a mature guy (or a reformed bad boy, if you will.) One that’s gone through his shenanigans and is looking for a real woman to be a supportive partner to. Here’s some signs that he’s a grown-ass man and he’s not just what you desire, but what you desperately need.



1. He’s down to self expand with you – sometimes staying in your comfort zone isn’t a good thing! He challenges you but he doesn’t judge you or ever make you feel like you’re not enough.



2. He’s got the mindset and bank account of a winner and that’s not shallow, it means he’s not a leech and you deserve someone that works just as hard as you.

3. He takes care of you financially but not in a controlling way; he just helps you out and takes you to nice dinners and the like, but doesn’t try to own you or buy your affection; chivalry isn’t dead!



4. He has his own vision and encourages yours! A supportive man that pushes your own dreams is a man you want to be with – you might be scared that he’s putting the fire under your ass, so to speak, but it just means he cares.

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