14 Signs A Nice Guy Is Actually A Jerk


Nice guys are actually the new bad boy. Well, Nice guyTM, a new brand of self-professed nice guys who are actually egotistical and manipulative men with a heavy dose of “fake” in their friendly facades. Here’s the red flags to make sure you don’t fall for the bitter dude that thinks he’s the sweetest, but is just an emotionally abusive, passive aggressive shell of someone who wishes they could be a true nice guy.



1. They go out of their way to talk about how they’re the nice guys. Real nice guys kind of jut have their actions and mannerisms do that for them rather than needing to consciously prove it to people.


2. He tears you down insidiously – make you feel as if you’re the mean one but this is just an annoying form of gaslighting that fake nice guys do. Don’t feel guilty for being a bitch – you probably weren’t and he’s just trying to deflect the attention from himself.


3. He’s nicer to other people than he is to you – especially new people, and when it comes to making a first impression. He wants outsiders to think that he’s the nice guy. He gets gratification from others thinking he’s a nice guy on the surface, and that is a red flag!

4. He’s nice and everything, but your instincts tell you that something is a little “off” about this one. You wonder if you’re the only one noticing that he’s actually a dick, and that’s probably what all his ex girlfriends thought too, so don’t think that you’re the issue.


5. He talks to you all the time about how the fact that he’s so sweet gets him “friend zoned” by girls he’s into all the time. Well, it’s weird that he’s salty about the fact they are only friends, and there was probably a reason she wanted to keep it platonic that you will soon find out.

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