14 Signs A Nice Guy Is Actually A Jerk


6. He always wants you to decide everything. This might seem like a positive in the beginning, but having someone that’s constantly indecisive or agreeing with you can get a bit annoying. Being the decider 100 percent of the time might be nice for control freaks, but is probably a red flag that he doesn’t have a strong sense of identity, or isn’t being real with you.


7. He’s suspiciously lacking of other moods than “nice”. No one is friendly and happy 24/7, so the fact that he’s not showing his vulnerable or angry/sad moments with you could be a cause for something dishonest going down. Hiding behind an inauthentic niceness isn’t healthy for anyone.


8. He goes out of his way to do stuff you don’t care about, just because it shows that he’s nice. Getting you a slice of cake when you said you didn’t want cake? Keeping you warm with his sweater when you said you weren’t even chilly? Yeah, that’s more forceful than nice. The attempt to show he was more caring than other guys just made him come off like every other aggressive jerk who makes it about ego.

9. He loves to talk (especially about how nice he is) but isn’t that great of a listener. He might pretend to be, but it actually daydreaming off in lala land or thinking about himself.


10. “Girls always want to date a guy that treats them badly” he retorts whenever you complain about anything, or maybe even when you’re not complaining. He whines about how girls always like bad boys and jerks, and doesn’t realize that saying that type of stuff alone kind of makes him a jerk.