14 Signs A Nice Guy Is Actually A Jerk


11. You find your independence wavering. When you don’t want to spend every living moment with you, he pouts about it. The fact that he’s keeping tabs on you , or upset you’re not available for him every waking moment is something that might seem sweet in the beginning, but gets old and becomes clearly selfish and controlling soon.


12. Maybe he is friendly and treats you well, but then goes out of his way to tell you how lucky you are to have a guy like him, and how rare guys like him are. Well, since he sounds like an asshole, which are actually pretty common to find. He’s lucky to have you, if anything.

13. He takes it way too seriously when you teasingly say stuff like “You’re so mean to me!” and gets extra sensitive, taking it to the next level and actually getting upset at you for playing around. Warning! Get out ASAP.


14. They don’t show up when it’s really important. Fake people disappear when it’s most convenient – did a family member fall ill, or did you have a break-up with an old friend? Somehow they won’t text you for a week but tell you they were “busy” and be profusely apologetic. Don’t fall for the manipulation.

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