14 Things Men Only Do When They’re Crazy About You


6. He admits that he’s scared of something to you… admitting that far is big for you guys, whether it’s about something emotional or physical.


7. When he tells you he wants you to meet his family. That’s a big step for guys – they only let a girl know that if she’s going to stick around for a while, so it means he’s opening up the most intimate parts of his life with you, and wants you in them.


8. He factors you in and keeps you in the loop with his plans. He won’t just disappear to some bachelor party over the weekend without letting you know and making sure you’re ok with it.

9. He remembers all the little things you say. Even the stuff that you yourself forgot. Because his memories with you in them are the most precious, and he pays attention to everything you say.


10. When you’re fighting, he swallows that pride and says sorry first. Even if he’s not in the wrong. And he can’t stay upset with you for longer than a few hours if you did do something.