14 Ways To Deal When Another Woman Is Flirting With Your Man


10. Realize that guys sometimes don’t know how to deal with female attention and even if he feels awkward and doesn’t want to be there, he’s just responding to her in order to be polite.



11. There’s a difference between rude and aggressively confrontational, the latter of which will probably start a reality show inspired fight between you and the girl. If she doesn’t take the hint, and bae feels really uncomfortable, you can be a little rude. But know the boundaries and keep your zen.



12. Leave the situation. Either ask him if he wants to go, or just walk away and do your own thing. This well help diffuse the situation and help you avoid confrontation.

13. Know that whatever man is by your side, if he’s a catch, he’s probably going to get flirted with. But seeing how he handles the situation can build trust, or break it. Pay attention to how he reacts and remember that there will always be sneaky girls coming out of the woodwork – in any scenario. Just keep your chill.



14. Take a moment and see if it bothers you that your man looks at other girls, or is flirtatious in a harmless way, and if it bothers you. If you’re not secure with those things in a relationship, flirtation will always mess with your head. If you need to date a dude that only looks your way, take that into consideration, because you’re hot, and worth way more than any of those flirty bimbos!

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