15 Signs You Should Start Going To Couples Therapy


Couples therapy may sound like a scary thing, but it’s actually pretty popular nowadays. Longtime love birds Dax Sheppard and Kristin Bell attribute their happiness to counseling early on, and it’s not just something that only the “about-to-be-divorced” club does. Young, normal couples do it all the time and it could help your relationship move towards the “happily-ever-after” club instead. Doesn’t sound so bad, right?



1. Have you stopped noticing new haircuts, or small gestures that the other person does? These are things that you noticed in the beginning, and it shouldn’t fizzle out. If you feel the spark fizzling, it may be time to try a counselor.


2. Do you guys have the same fight over and over, and it starts to feel like Groundhog Day? Addressing a recurring problem within a relationship is near impossible – sometimes you need a neutral and professional third party to help bring that cycle to a halt.


3. If your sex life is in a rut or if your frequency of doing it has declined a lot, you might think it’s temporary, but nip that issue in the bud before it grows into something you can’t salvage. Intimacy is a big part of your connection, and you can’t let that spark run out.

4. If you’re getting more emotional support outside your relationship than in it. Some might call this emotional cheating, but even if you don’t have romantic feelings for the person you’re confiding in, your #1 should be in the loop. If you can’t come to them for emotional support, it’s time to talk to someone.


5. You resent your partner for some reason, or vice versa. If nobody moves on from resentment, it stays growing in our heart and making our actions and relationship toxic.

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