15 Zodiac Signs That Would Make The Best Couples


4. Pisces and Aries
These two can be very good for each other – they’re both romantics at heart who can share a deep and lasting love, which encourages each other to be their best. Pisces will be sensitive, and their trustworthiness will get them a long way in relationships. Aries is a leader with a lot of initiative, and they’ll pursue the Pisces without hesitation. They’ll also take on the role of protector.



5. Taurus and Cancer
These signs have a mutual understanding for each other . The cancer is loyal and affectionate, and will show strong emotional support. Both Taurus and Cancer value home and family, stability, being nurtured and staying in more than socializing . You’re both also probably foodies! Cooking and Netflix is the key to love, after all.

6. Taurus and Capricorn
These two have love and respect for each other, with almost telepathic understanding. The Taurus will admire their partner’s work ethic, strong ambition, and hilarious nature while the Capricorn will be grateful for the other’s sensible nature. Luckily, these practical signs are on the same wavelength on most things.