15 Zodiac Signs That Would Make The Best Couples


7. Sagittarius and Aries
The Sagittarius is a master of adventure, and they sure like their freedom. They have a zero drama policy and always follow their hearts. An Aries is also an adventure-loving social butterfly, so these two will flit around parties together and never get bored. They are also not instigators of conflict – this relationship is full of joy and has no room for drama!



8. Cancer and Pisces
Both water signs – these two have a natural spiritual connection. The Pisces will easily ensure harmony, and these signs are highly intuitive about each other. They’re both deeply sentimental and tender, with a focus on nurturing and not hurting the other. And since a relationship’s #1 need is nurturing…they’re probably going to last!

9. Leo and Sagittarius
Both of these signs are optimistic and generous – as well as liking to party! Both are a little impulsive, but who doesn’t want a little saner in their relationship? Leo’s can be a little stubborn, and their sagittarius will help them find solutions they might not see. The Sagitarrius will absolutely love how confident the Leo is, and appreciate their lack of jealousy.