15 Zodiac Signs That Would Make The Best Couples


13. Scorpio and Leo
This can be a kind of intense relationship – the Scorpio can be challenging and jealous, with a sharp tongue. But the Leo will feed off that passion, and love the other’s lust. They’re both very loyal, but also very determined, so if they can work through forgiveness, the fireworks in this relationship will be more explosive than a Nicholas Sparks film.



14. Gemini and Libra
These two air signs have an intellectual relationship as well as a sexually voracious one. The relationship will be fresh and fast moving with these energetic and social signs. They both appreciate beauty (for Libra, in art, and for Gemini, in ideas). The Libra, who prizes harmony above all us, won’t entertain the Gemini’s love of arguing, creating tranquility.

15. Cancer and Pisces
These are both water signs – which makes them compatible. Pisces thrive on human bonds, and when they link up with Cancer, who is intuitive and nurturing, their own bond becomes unbreakable. In both of their worlds, the heart rules all, so they can understand each other from deep within.

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