16 Ways To Stay Independent In A Relationship


5. Nurture the solidarity of sisterhood and girl power. go on trips and girls’ nights out, girls’ trips with you friends. Spending time away makes the heart grow fonder.



6. Stand up for yourself! In your relationship and about things that are important to your identity that you don’t want to sacrifice. Speaking up about limits and wants can be a turn-on – staking your ground is always better than just being an agreeable blob.

7. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel like you aren’t getting enough alone time, phrasing with “I” statements so your partner doesn’t fee blamed for things or get on the defensive.



8. On a related note, make sure to keep your own opinion. Nothing worse than a couple who has a singular opinion. Holding on to your own unique perspective will keep things exciting between you two, and will also enhance communication.