16 Ways To Stay Independent In A Relationship


9. Don’t move in prematurely. Having your own space equals alone time, equals the flame keep on burnin’. Things can fizzle out if you make a serious commitment too early, like moving in, without a serious commitment such as engagement or at least conversations about it. This should involve serious discussion and consideration.



10. Don’t just travel with each other. Traveling alone is an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone (your relationship) and forces you to self expand without dependence on your partner.

11. Work out regularly and focus on activities that enhance you health and mindfulness. Keeping a sharp figure won’t just keep your partner around, it’ll keep your self confidence up. Often in a relationship it’s easy to fall into a lazy slump, ordering takeout and staying in bed together. But keeping a focus on your health will better you and your partner, and maintain independence (and a hot bod)



12. Hold on to your own dreams. You had them before you met bae, and giving everything up to make them happy or drop your own dreams to follow theirs, will never be good for your relationship. Sacrificing your own dreams for someone else’s is never a positive mood. Compromise, but don’t sacrifice.