16 Ways To Stay Independent In A Relationship


12. Hold on to your own dreams. You had them before you met bae, and giving everything up to make them happy or drop your own dreams to follow theirs, will never be good for your relationship. Sacrificing your own dreams for someone else’s is never a positive mood. Compromise, but don’t sacrifice.


13. Don’t be afraid to talk a lot. Don’t talk yourself in circles about the same thing, but talk frequently enough that it’s not scary when one of you brings up something that they want to talk about, and tension is diffused quickly. This way, when one of you feel like your independence is being compromised


14. Never work together! Even if you feel tempted to work on a project because it means spending more time together, work and play are two different areas that should be honored different. As they say, don’t *&^% where you eat!

15. Keep your own bank accounts and independent financial situations until you have a serious commitment like an engagement. You can feel really insecure when you start relying on your partner for financial help, or vice versa.


16. You guys don’t need to share every single banal moment of your day. Leave a little mystery to it! Cataloging behavior is weird and obsessive, but keeping a bit of mystery is sexy and helps you learn new things about each other every day into old age (without annoyingly oversharing)

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