6 Things Women Keep Doing On Dates Even Though Men Hate Them


3. Expecting your date to pay
You are a strong independent woman. You can pay for your meals. There is nothing worse than a girl who expects her date to just reach out for that check and take care of it. Going Dutch on a date is very common and shows that you are aware of your surroundings and your budget management skills. Now, if your date insists on paying – that is a whole other story. Be nice!

4. Talking in details about your past relationships
We understand that your previous BF might have left you brokenhearted. That doesn’t mean that your potential new date needs to know about all your dirty laundry. Badmouthing your ex might lead your new date to think that in a few months/years/decades it could be him you’ll be talking about. Be respectful to all of your past experiences. They make you stronger.