6 Things Women Keep Doing On Dates Even Though Men Hate Them


5. Constantly looking at your phone
Your Instagram feed can live its own life for a few hours. Nothing makes a date feel unimportant than a girl who is constantly staring at the cold screen on her phone. It doesn’t matter if your friend got a new puppy or your roommate is having a party while you are out – focus on your date. You can check your social media accounts on your way back home.

6. Talking only about yourself
We all know you are awesome. You have a great personality and you are fabulous. Talking about all of your accomplishments and conquests will excite your date but if you don’t know when to stop – this could be a huge problem. Ask questions, show your interest in him, get to know this person in front of you! And then you can show him how amazing you are.

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