7 Signs He’s Exactly What You’ve Been Looking For


Finding the right guy is not easy. There’s way too many weirdos out there, and while it might be fun and entertaining to go on a few dates with them, it gets old pretty quick and you don’t really want to find yourself stuck in a relationship with the wrong guy. But how do you know which guy is the right one for you? Well there’s a couple of things you might want to keep in mind.



1. He’s Not A Kid
You don’t want to be in a relationship with a man-child. You know exactly what I mean. That guy who still lives with his parents and expects his mum to do everything for him, including cooking and doing his laundry. If you see that – run in the opposite direction. You want someone who’s a man and is ready to act like one.



2. He’s Kind
And I’m not talking about the so called “nice guys”, the ones that just pretend to be nice at first to get you interested or get in your pants and then their true, selfish nature comes out. You want someone who’s genuinely kind, who’s got a good heart, someone with morals and values. You know, a decent human being.

3. He Has Goals
You want to find someone who’s got goals. Like actual life goals, whether it means a career they’d like to build or a plan on how to buy their first house or smth. But be careful, there’s a lot of men who just like to say stuff like “I’d like to start my own business” or “I want to own a house some day” but they have no actual intention of following through. You want someone who sets goals and then actually works on achieving them.

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