7 Signs He’s Exactly What You’ve Been Looking For


4. He’s Funny
You definitely want someone with a good sense of humor. Someone you’ve on the same wavelength with. There’s nothing better than dating someone who can make you laugh so much there’s tears rolling down your face and you’re struggling to breathe. You want someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously and is happy to laugh at himself and whatever life has to throw at him. Life is short and there’s no point in taking it too seriously.

5. He’s Family Oriented
Not like a momma’s boy, no, that’s just creepy. What you want is someone who gets along with his family, you know, visits them during the holidays and attends family events and celebrations. It’s important that he loves his family and respects them, because that means he’ll probably want to create his own family someday. You can always tell what kind of father a guy will be by how he treats his family.