7 Things Women Find Unattractive About Men


Many women have a list of things they would like to see in a man. This can be a combination of physical features (height, build, eye and hair color) and personal characteristics like sense of humor, kindness, faithfulness and passion. However, there are many small things that women can’t stand in men. You often hear many women complaining about ‘another bad date’ and things that are a complete turn off. Check out this list of the top 7 things that women find unattractive about men.



1. Bad manners
Making a first impression is a very important part of dating. Bad manners such as eating with an open mouth or picking your nose at the table is just the tip of the iceberg. In this modern era, it is considered very rude to text or message via social media at the table. Even though we live in the age of equality, good manners will make you great boyfriend material. If you open the door for your lady and offer to carry her heavy bags you will be at the top of her list.



2. Bitching’
It is completely reasonable not to like some things in life, but complaining about everything around you is just horrible. Of course, there are optimists and pessimists but the glass can be both half full and half empty. There is no need to be overly negative. The worst form of it is talking about ex-girlfriends all the time and being negative about all past relationships in general. Just don’t do that…

3. Obsessions
There are a couple of personal interest obsessions that girls will never understand. Some of those are gym and video games. Good body shape takes significant time to master, however, if the guy is talking about gym, his meals and flavors of protein he should date a gym not a girl. While playing video games is not a bad thing, spending too much time playing the game is generally not very popular with girls.

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