7 Ugly Things Guys LOVE About Girls


2. Changing your food habits for a date or two might be an OK idea in theory but think about a lifetime together with this person. Some guys love it when their girl is not restricted by societal stereotypes and eats what she wants. Go to town, my friend.



3. When you are eating popcorn and you drop some in your bra do you reach up and eat it? Don’t lie – we all do. Yes, we might think that this is unattractive but some men find it actually adorable. Next time you are in the movies let your freak flag fly! Don’t let a single pop run away from your mouth.
Ugly Things Guys LOVE About Girls_03

4. Break a sweat in front of him. Guys find it cute watching you getting what you want – weather it is a great work out session or you trying to get your new couch up four flights of stairs. Keeping your make up and perfect appearance in tact is awesome but don’t be afraid to show him your beast mode.