7 Ugly Things Guys LOVE About Girls


5. If you are true to one cause or another and are willing to fight for it, get loud and in everyone’s face about it – don’t hide it. Passionate women are such a turn on for a lot of guys. Get wild and mildly obnoxious – your man will back you up and will definitely think how lucky he is to have you.



6. Let your jokes out. As girls we joke about poop, farts, and excessive hair all the time. It is interesting but nasty jokes actually are something men like about us. We are down to make fun of yourselves and tell the world who we are! Let’s show ‘em!
Ugly Things Guys LOVE About Girls_06

7. We can’t look perfect 100% of the time. Owning up to your morning self is one of the things that are attractive to the opposite sex. Yes, that morning breath is atrocious but it is yours. With sleepy eyes and messy hair you are still a queen. And most importantly – you are a queen with a hot date!

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