8 Greatest Places To Meet The Love Of Your Life


It’s easy to meet new people when you’re still in college because they’re all around you. Literally every class you take has the potential to introduce you to a whole new group of people and who knows, maybe that special someone. But once you’re out of college and on you’re own you find yourself stuck with the same friends you’ve had for ages and a couple of new colleagues at work. That severely limits the amount of people you interact with. So in case you want to meet someone who might be the love of your life you’ve got to put yourself out there. It’s not like that special person knows where you live and will just decide to pop by one day, while you’re sitting at home. But where do you go? Well, here’s a few ideas for you.



1. Music Festivals
Music is a big part of our lives and music festivals are the best place to find like minded people. You might think that going to clubs is the same thing, but it really isn’t. Clubs are just for short-term partying, while music festivals are all-encompassing events where you get to party, see your favorite bands and meet a lot of people and make connections. Festivals last longer, it’s like a long camping weekend with a bunch of people. By the end of it you get to know them pretty damn well.

2. Online
This should be an obvious one, since this is the times we live in. Everything happens online. You work online, you chill online, so why not find yourself a partner online. We’re not saying that Tinder is the place to go, but there are other apps and other websites you can use to find like minded people who you’d like to get to know better.

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