8 Greatest Places To Meet The Love Of Your Life


3. Art Galleries
This is a great place to meet people if you love art. It’s easy enough to spot fakers, but once you meet someone who’s as interested and passionate about art as you are you’ll be happy you tried. Plus, art galleries come in different kinds. If you’re not into classical painting and sculptures, you can always opt for contemporary art or even special art events that are centered around a theme you might be interested in.

4. Classes
If there’s something you’ve always been interested in but never actually got to learn, why not take up an evening or weekend class, be it pottery, painting or learning a new language. For example, you love how French sounds but you don’t speak it. Take up a French class – you’ll finally learn the language and you’ll be surrounded by people who have similar goals and interests. You never know, apart from sharing your love of French those people might also love the same movies and singers you like.