8 Greatest Places To Meet The Love Of Your Life


5. Interest clubs
Similar to taking up a course and learning something new, why not join a club and do something you like. If you love kayaking – join a kayaking club. If you’re more into reading, join a book club. Whatever your interests might be, there definitely are people out there who share the same ones. It might be worth a shot meeting them. And the best part of it is, that if it doesn’t work out, you can just quit and you don’t have to see those people again.

6. House Parties
We’re not talking frat parties, but if some of your friends or acquaintances invite you over for a house party don’t be too quick to decline the invitation. Meeting new people through friends is always a good idea. This way if you meet someone interesting you already have something in common (your friends) and everyone knows that talking about your friends is easier than trying to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.