8 Tips to Help You to Talk to Your Crush


7. Be clear and honest
When you will start spending time with your crush, talking more and more, let them know that you like them, but don’t expect anything back at the same moment. Your crush might think you are cute but haven’t considered you in romantic way. Showing your interest and saying you like them will make him/her review your relationship.

8. Don’t be afraid
Stepping out of our own comfort zone is something that we all are scared to do. For some it seems to be easier but only because they’ve done it before and you will never know unless you try. If you will hold back and wait for your crush to make steps first it might take too long as you haven’t become part of their life yet. No one like rejections but these sometimes happen. It’s better to know and be ready to move on rather than get stuck in situation you don’t like.

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