9 Easy Tricks to Tease Him, But Not Too Much


Teasing guys is relatively easy if you know some tricks. Texting from bed is one of the simplest ways to get his attention and boost the naughty factor. Even saying ‘I’m in bed, good night!’ will do the trick for most men. Or you can text ‘Watching a TV show in bed’ and that will make him dream about binge-watching some Netflix gem lying in bed with you. Women don’t even need to do or say anything sexy, the truth is, guys’ imagination will do all the work. All you need is a little push here and there to make them think in the right direction. Teasing and flirting without being too upfront about it is the best way to go. Here are 10 simple, yet effective tricks to make him think only about you.



Tell your guy you had a dream about him
Mentioning anything that’s even remotely related to bed is a great way to turn him on. If you’re into good morning texts, you can then continue with a message saying you had a dream about the guy. You don’t actually have to have that dream, just lie a little bit to make him feel needed. The subject of your dream is also not very important as long as it is about him. Knowing that you fell asleep while thinking about him is really hot!



Accuse him of flirting with you
Use a little bit of reverse psychology and accuse him of flirting with you (like that’s a bad thing!). This way you’ll be flirting with him without actually flirting, and that’s something that really turns men on. It is also a great way to break the tension and allow him to say something witty right back at you. Plus, if he is actually coming on to you, you can point it out just for the fun of it – things don’t need to be so complicated all the time!

Be kinky
Teasing doesn’t have to be about the present – you can also share your past experiences. After all, we all date a bit before we find the one and only. If you’ve done something kinky in the past, then you should definitely confess to at least some of those crazy things. You’ve hooked up in a totally unbelievable location? Tell him! You’ve had a three-some? Don’t be afraid to reveal that too! That way he’ll start fantasizing about the things you’ll do together.

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