9 Tips on How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You


Sometimes when you like a man, he simply doesn’t notice you for some unknown reason. You can change the odds of being together to your favor by approaching situation more creatively. If he knows you better, he will fall in love with you. The goal is to make a guy fall in love with you for who you are rather than someone you pretend to be.



1. Improve Your Appearance
You don’t have to change your looks completely but small changes which will make you feel better and more confident is a good start. Taking care of your skin and hair should do the trick but if you want a more dramatic change, tone up your body and add a bit more style to your everyday look. Not only you will feel stronger, men around will notice your positive changes.



2. Listen to Him
If you spend a lot of time with the guy you like but he still doesn’t notice you, start with taking interest in his life and his interests. Everyone likes attention so giving a little of your time and listening to his worries and stories will make you closer. Practice your active listening skills with your friends and you will notice the result in no time.

3. Make eye contact
Making eye contact is an important part of an intimate relationship. The key is to look gently and innocently rather than stare. Your gaze should show your interest and not make him uncomfortable in any way. Your eyes are the mirror of the soul and he will remember them way better than anything else.

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