Top 14 Engagement Photos Of Junebug Weddings 2017


Every year, the popular wedding site gathers a list of the top 50 engagement photos, out of thousands of submissions. They’re the most creative and beautiful pics out of the bunch, and we picked out the best 14 just for you! These couples will make you “aww”, or give you ultra third wheel syndrome, but either way, you can’t deny how perfect these shots are.



1. OMG. Shot in one of the most iconic natural wonders ever, this way-too-good-looking couple poses in a very Dirty Dancer-esque shot. We love blondie’s dress color against the gorgeous backdrop.



2. There’s nothing wild or crazy about taking a shot in front of a chapel, but this one is full of velvety, spiritual vibes and we’re obsessed. The lighting and backdrop of the sky is incredible, and almost gives the illusion that the chapel is floating – so romantic.



3. These babes decided to emphasize the honeymoon phase – the entangled feet in the bed is a metaphor but also a classy way to keep it fun and sexy, without obsessing over perfect makeup or styled formal wear.

4. Wow. These ladies really are the perfect match, per their yin and yang themed photoshoot. Their outfits are dripping with swag, and the wall art choice (Photoshopped or not) and everything about this image is just goals.



5. Everybody jump into the pool! This shot is mostly bubbles and holding hands, but we’re totally cool with that. We love the timing of this shot and the messiness of it all – his tie and her hair flying up… so cute.

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