10 Best Makeup Artists You Should Be Following On IG

2017 has been an epic year for makeup artists on Instagram – everyone is repping their personal style, and what we’ve been seeing is straight up artistry. We don’t have much confidence in being able to nail most of these artists’ looks, and know that practice makes perfect, but in the meanwhile, wistfully watch these pros at work.



1. Tal definitely puts the artist in makeup artist – an eyelid becomes a canvas in this work, and the delicate meticulousness of the work is pretty astounding. And people can’t even master a smoky eye!



2. This babe has a bit of fame to her name – she used to be Pat McGrath’s assistant and has done work for Vanity Fair, W mag, and more.

3. For ladies with a little more melanin, Ellarie is the only goddess to follow. She’s a proud mom and entrepreneur, and we’re never seen a look that didn’t absolutely slay on her. Also a brow-spiration artist that gives us life.



4. This Latina’s contour jobs on herself are amazing, and she also provides some necessary skincare tips to take care of your body underneath all that makeup. Her ombre eyeshadow jobs make us swoon, and her videos are always on point, and not too sparsely posted.

5. Nikki is known for her impressive skills on Youtube, but her Instagram showcases her talent just as well. She loves glitter, and her looks make her appear like a flawless porcelain doll. We can only hope our talents are a fraction of that, one day. She always posts theme looks for holidays or events that are super cute, so be sure to check her out.



6. This gal has millions of IG followers, going from MAC cosmetics to online tutorial pics, and she simply blew up! She has collaborated with brands such as Urban Decay, and regularly speaks on her trade at conventions and panels.

7. This beauty from Australia is breathtaking without makeup, but with such inspiring skills, why shouldn’t she share her art with the world? The beauty blogger has her own site on which she posts thoughtful reviews and tantalizing giveaways you’ll be dying to sign up for.

8. You can count on this account for cool-girl makeup looks that we adore. Her edgy color combos like lavender lipstick with a yellow and lavender eye are reminiscent of Coco Rocha’s looks, and so editorial. And she rocks her looks usually with a casual beanie or dressed down style.



9. This beauty guru has collaborations in the works with mega brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills. Her colorful cut creases and hair add fun to a classy, very Cali look that feels like approachable but sexy. Teach us your ways, Nicole.

10. This previous MAC employee also ventured out and made it big on her own. The Canadian always posts perfect lip and shadow combos, and you get to follow her on her wanderlust adventures as well.