10 Best Ways To Wear Dark Lipstick

Wearing dark lipstick is a sure way to command the attention in a room – it’s a powerful look, but you need to know the right tricks in order to pull it off properly. Make sure you don’t look like you’re dressing up for Halloween and use these tips to rock these looks with deep, dark sophistication.



1. Keep It Sheer
When opaque, dark lipstick can get too intense very fast, to stop from going scary, get a semi-sheer or sheer style that lets your natural lips come through a bit. It’s a subtle way to start incorporating dark lipstick into your routine.



2. Add A Bit Of Gloss
Along with opaque lipsticks, matte lipsticks can also be a little severe-looking, so gloss will help make the look overall softer. Instead of going goth. It makes you look high fashion, and your lips will also appear fuller due to the sheen.

3. Keep The Rest Bare
If you do want to go all femme fatale vixen, make sure you keep the rest of your face relatively bare. If you add anything other than some simple, lightly drawn black liner, you will go from scary-chic to just scary in a very fast amount of time.



4. Try Styling With A Simple Cat Eye
If going bare-faced with a dark lip seems too stark for you, add a cat eye for a low-key burlesque inspired look that Kat Von D would definitely approve of. It’s classy and elegant, and probably the only makeup that won’t look overdone with a dark lip.

5. Instead of applying direct, use A Brush
A lip brush will make sure that dark shades don’t go on messy, which is a feat in and of in itself. A brush will help keep things precise, even if it’s not a liquid color. From outer corner to center and filling the pout last is a sure way to keep things neat and get more control.

6. Even If You’re Not A Liner Gal
When dark lipstick bleeds, it’s a horror movie that no one wants to watch. With more neutral colors, you don’t have to worry about this, but a liner is definitely necessary for darker shades. Use one that’s colorless or matches – if you go lighter or darker, try plying with an ombre effect.



7. Make Sure To Stay Tight-Lipped
When you put on your lipstick, it’s not the time to practice your fullest Kylie Jenner pout. Hold your lips tight so that the creases are filled in, otherwise every time you smiles, the empty lines will be visible and your lips will look patchy or cracked.

8. Add A Dash Of Bronzer
Add a little bronzer to your lip for a metallic tint, and add a naturally warm tint to your face. Otherwise, dark lipstick can drain the color from your face and you might end up looking like Marylin Manson. Stay a golden goddess with that dark, sultry lip.



9. Pair With Full Brows
Who can resist a wine-tinted dark lip with some luscious, bold brows? A bold lip deserves a bold look, and filling in brows is a great way to do that and add fierceness without scaring off kids with clown-face and too much color. Very Lily Collins. Irresistible.

10. Don’t Add A Smokey Eye
A smokey eye and a dark lip is a one way ticket to drag queen land. It will look over the top – why go Jessica Rabbit when you could look super classy and mysterious? Let them focus on your lips and add a touch of black liner if you’re feeling naked.