15 Creepy But Gorgeous Pennywise the Clown Makeup Looks

Upon seeing the headline of this article some of you might be thinking “hey, it’s too early to be thinking of Halloween makeup, Halloween is still ages away!”, but we disagree. For us, Halloween loving folks, the spooky holiday is just around the corner. In fact, the moment summer is over and pumpkin spice latte starts appearing on the Starbucks menu, we start planning for Halloween. What costume to wear, what makeup to do, and what kind of party to throw. And literally the moment we saw IT there was no doubt in our mind that Pennywise is going to be dominating Halloween this year. We’re looking forward to all the various interpretations of this look, so we thought we’d provide you with some inspiration of the best Pennywise makeup looks we’ve seen on Instagram so far.



1. Here’s quite a glam version by mykie. You’ve never seen glitter look so menacing.



2. Another sparkly version of Pennywise by megannemua.



3. Unbelievably creepy Pennywise look by jordanhanz. Look at all those teeth.

4. How scary is this one by Allie Mollett?



5. Voodoobarbiedoll really freaked us out with her take on Pennywise the clown.

6. A truly classic look by Gina Scheiber. Look at that cracked facepaint.



7. Laura Jenkinson is serving up some cute Pennywise looks.



8. Supendousquinn gave us nightmares with her creepy interpretation.

9. Loving this sarcastic Pennywise look on danipower.mua.



10. Jades.beautyig even incorporated the little boat as an accessory. Props for creativity.

11. Pennywise makeup look by Taelorfx is so realistic it’s giving us nightmares.



12. Look at this menacing and slightly grumpy version by Melissa Rogers.



13. If Pennywise was a hipster and got a cool haircut, by carelessmakeup.

14.An almost cute and innocent look by jakieo_mua



15. And finally take a look at this gorgeous look by typical_white_girl_sfx.