6 Incredibly Talented South Korean Tattoo Artists You Should Definitely Know About


When writing about tattoo artists in South Korea one should probably start with stating that technically tattoos there are illegal. But when has that ever stopped anyone. Despite what law says Seoul, the capital of South Korea is bursting with incredible tattoo artists who open up their own tattoo shops, salons or even just tattoo out of their own homes. In South Korea tattoos in general and people who choose to get them are still associated with delinquents, criminals, gangsters and generally anti-social tendencies. Yet there are lots of people who choose to get tattoos in order to go against the system and try to live their truths. The tattoo scene here is very vibrant and incredibly creative, so today we thought we’d show you some cute South Korean tattoo artists that you can follow on Instagram or book an appointment with if you’re even in that area.



1. Tattooist_Banul
This talented girl is tattooing the most adorable and gentle looking tattoos we’ve ever seen. Her lines are super thin, her designs intricate and the colors are very soft and elegant.


2. Soltattoo
Soltattoo does a lot of animal tattoos and we’ve got to say her cat tattoos are probably the most adorable ones we’ve ever seen. So if you ever want to get your pet tattooed on your body – this is the place to go.

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