8 Crazy Truths Your Eyebrows Tell About You

Everyone knows that eyes are the window to your soul, but what about the rest of your face? And the whole body for that matter? We look the way we do for a reason and some people believe that you can discover various truths about yourself if you explore your own body. So what about eyebrows then? Facial reading experts like Jean Haner, who helps directors cast celebs whose faces (and eyebrows!), match the exact role in particular movies. Jean and others of her ilk believe that eyebrows say more about a person’s character than we ever thought possible. We are born with a certain shape of eyebrows for a reason and Chinese facial reading helps us understand what this or that shape means. Want to learn more? Here are 8 truths your eyebrows tell about you.



Naturally Bold Brows
Cara Delevingne has strong brows that make you think about a confident, forward-thinking woman that knows what she wants in life and how to get it. If you have this type of eyebrows, then you’re likely to be decisive, hard-working and have loads of self-confidence to support all your goals and dreams. There are a few downsides, though: you are pretty irritable and get easily frustrated when things aren’t going as planned.



Naturally Thin Brows
Taylor Swift’s brows are naturally thin and speak volumes about indecisiveness. People with naturally thin eyebrows are often struggling with making decisions and like to hear what other people have to say before going forward with their plans. If you have eyebrows like this, you probably don’t like to take risks and your level of self-confidence is pretty low. That’s why you surround yourself with wise friends who can give you advice and help you out in various situations.

Not-So-Naturally Thin Brows
Over-plucking has long been out of trend, so if you’re still doing this – please, stop! Think about the confidence that ladies with bold brows exude, do you really want to look less self-assured and strong? Researchers have also found out that this type of thin over-plucked brow may be perceived by others as a sign of narcissism. So maybe it’s time to get back to your natural full-looking brows?

Curved Brows
Queen B’s brows are both bold and curvy, which makes for a killer combo. And her personality is just like that, too! She’s powerful, good with business and likes to create as many win-win situations as possible. If you have brows like that, people probably like being around you and you have no problems building a career for yourself. Brows like this tell others that you’re a trustworthy person and it’s a good idea to build some kind of relationships with you.



Straight Brows
Women with straight brows are all about logic and basing their decisions on solid facts. It’s a great trait that keeps your emotions out of the way when building up a career. You are less likely to make impulsive decisions, so you can safely make friends with women who have peaked eyebrows to balance out your logic with some adventurousness. Sometimes it’s good to loosen up a bit and just go with the flow.

Queen’s Eyebrows
These brows are usually sitting higher on your face than other types of eyebrows. If you have these arched queen’s eyebrows, you are likely to be a perfectionist that sets high expectations not only for themselves, but for the people surrounding you as well. You like everything to be flawless (maybe that’s why Olivia Wilde always looks so perfect?), which makes you a loner when it comes to work. You might be perceived as intimidating, which isn’t always a bad thing. It can be a strong trait that will help you land a promotion or that dream job of yours.

Peaked Brows
Women with peaked brows, like Jamie King here, tend to make everything fast – they think, learn, and decide everything at the speed of light. If you have eyebrows like this, you are probably very emotional and tend to go with these emotions wherever they lead you. You are less likely to think things through thoroughly, which can be a good thing because you will not hold back when it’s time to make a risky decision. You are spontaneous when it comes to your personal life and friends adore you because you really know how to have fun.

Brows That Don’t Match Your Hair
Rita Ora is a vivid example of a woman that is not afraid to take risks and draw attention to herself. If you don’t like to go all matchy-matchy, it means that you like to stand out and have no problems with being noticed by a large number of people. This eyebrow type is for women who don’t like to mess around, but can seem a little bit playful at the same time.