9 Homemade Body Scrubs to Keep You Smooth All Summer

With tanning season in its prime, exfoliation has never been more important. Show off your most luscious, softest skin with one of these homemade body scrubs that smell delicious and are all-natural. Instead of going store-bought and rubbing gnarly chemicals into your pores, polish up that golden glow with one of these recipes.



1. Lime & Sea Salt Scrub
Smell like a fresh mojito (virgin, of course) with this lime and sea salt scrub that will wake up your skin. If you’re a citrus kind of gal, you’re going to be whipping this easy recipe up every week. Sea salt is packed with minerals like magnesium and calcium, reducing blotchiness and acne, while lime is anti-aging and can lighten dark spots.



2. Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub
This one is for the vanilla latte fans – this vanilla coffee scrub made with fresh grounds will have you invigorated and make everyone around you want a cup of joe. Caffeine has youthful effects on the skin, and the addition of coconut oil will keep your skin hydrated.

3. All natural Strawberry Coconut Body Scrub
This strawberry coconut scrub is all-natural and will have you smelling like an island in no time. Fresh dried strawberries make this anti-aging scrub addictive, and also high in antioxidants!

4. Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub
Eucalyptus is the minty fresh scent for all the nature girls out here. It’s magical – antibiotic, deodorizing, great for achy joints, and most importantly, cooling for these hot, muggy days! Choose for a soothing.



5. Blueberry Lemon Body Scrub
This pretty blue scrub would make a great gift – it looks so picturesque in the container. And the freeze dried blueberries providing that lovely color are packed with nutritious ingredients to make your body look its most radiant.

6. Citrus Green Tea Body Scrub
A cool cup of iced green tea is always refreshing to slug down on a hot July day, and when your pores soak that in, they reap benefits like increased circulation and firmer skin, and neutralized free radicals. Who doesn’t need to tighten up a little?

7. Whipped Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub
While grapefruits are the pretty in pink perfect citrus fruit of the warmer months, the lovely blush hue from this scrub actually comes from beet juice (avoid the food coloring to stay all natural) and the whipped texture makes it so fluffy and yummy to apply. It has undertones of peppermint and looks like a summer morning – why not try it out?



8. Ultimate Skin Scrub with Frankincense Essential Oil
This calls itself the ultimate scrub, and it lives up to its name. Probably the most complex to whip up on this list, this one keeps skin radiant while it calms. Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and lavender uplift the skin, while grape-seed oil tightens pores and stops skin from getting clogged, as well as aiding in skin regeneration. Check out the other powerhouse oils that make up this scrub.

9. Natural Vanilla & Pumpkin Spice Salt Scrub
Yeah, this is more of a Fall scent, but some people are really missing their pumpkin spice lattes out there! And the summer often flies by faster than we think, so soon enough, you’ll be whipping out this pumpkin pie scented scrub – in the meantime, you can try out other pie flavors :)