Best DIY Hair Masks To Make Locks Lustrous For Spring

The bitter, cold months really dried our hair out, so we found some masks to help you give it life again for the upcoming warmer months. Learn how to protect yourself from the impending doom of chlorine and sun and erase the traumatic memories of the past winter, which we’re still thawing from. Get your locks as luscious as Ariana Grande’s with these nutrient-filled recipes that you have to try.



1. Strawberries + Avocado + Jojoba Oil
To combat oily hair, apply a mask of avocado, jojoba oil, and strawberries. Strawberries are chock full of antioxidants and contain moisturizing agents and shine, and jojoba also has amazing hydrating powers. We don’t have to praise the numerous benefits of avocados – there are too many!



2. Probiotic Yogurt + Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey + Almond Oil
To moisturize and prevent frizz, apply a mix of probiotic yogurt, apple cider vinegar, honey, and almond oil to your hair. Yogurt in your hair might sound unappealing, but it contains a powerhouse of deep conditioning ingredients that will have you convinced in no time. Zinc and lactic acid will control grease and help your hair grow, so why not?

3. Egg + Henna + Lemon Juice
This is a cool combination which will pump your hair of nutrients and also give it a slight tint, if you’re looking to experiment but too scared to dye you hair or do highlights yet. Eggs are filled with rich vitamins and will nourish hair, making it thick and healthy. Henna powder is also a known remedy for hair loss, which also brightens your hair, and can change the color a bit!

4. Nettle Leaves + White Vinegar + Water + Lavender
Ever heard of making an herbal blend to help your hair out? Nettle is great for your hair and can be used as a mask, but it’s more like a rinse since the ingredients are less thick than some of the other ones this list. It promotes growth, volume, and smoothness. It’s also ideal for blond hair because it can naturally alter your color a little. Simmer the ingredients for two hours over stovetop, strain and apply.



5. Fuller’s Earth + Tomato
Fuller’s earth is a more common mask for skin, but it’s great for hair as well – especially oily strands! Along with being highly absorbent, it balances pH and fills your locks with minerals, as well as boosting blood circulation. The tomato is also pH balancing, eliminates hair oil, and contains a whole other world of vitamins. After creating a paste with the Fuller’s Earth and water, then blend the tomato.

6. Castor Oil + Vodka + Parsley
This is not the most feminine and floral masks for your hair, but it’s certainly effective in fixing up dead strands. Castor oil benefits through balancing and strengthening hair, while parsley disinfects your scalp and helps your hair grow. Vodka is a cleansing and clarifying powerhouse but watch out if you have dyed hair fading powers.

7. Coconut Oil + Shea Butter + Argan Oil Mask
Coconut oil will penetrate the hair shaft and rejuvenate all those damaged strands from the past season. Combined with two other amazing hydrators, you’ll have hair softer than a baby once this mask is off. For the warmer seasons, it’s also a great remedy for harsh chemicals like chlorine.

8. Olive Oil + Avocado Oil + Egg Yolk
You might be thinking: won’t putting a boatload of oils in my hair just make it more oily? Nope, when you wash it out, it’ll look revived, bouncy, and filled with moisture (without the grease factor) Olive oil has really potent softening effects that are noticeable right after you dry your hair post-mask!