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Most Common Dieting Mistakes


1. Skipping meals  
A lot of people decide to skip breakfast altogether due to a lack of time in the morning or opt for having one on the go. Research has proven that people who don’t eat in the morning tend to eat more during the day. Overcompensating for a skipped meal is a bad idea, as you’ll feel hungrier and will consume more calories than you actually need. Skipping a meal in hopes of saving up calories you’re actually making your body crave more than it needs and therefore overeating later, and that definitely won’t help you lose weight, you might actually gain some.
Having a coffee and a muffin on the go might seem like a way out for those who don’t want to cook in the morning. You might think :“Well, at least i had some food, that’s better than skipping meals”. But we forget that drinks contain lots of calories too and pastries, no matter how big or small are packed with calories. For example, a favourite autumn drink at Starbuck’s – pumpkin spice latte – is 300 calories. And a blueberry muffin from the same place contains shocking 500 calories! No wonder we’re not losing weight if we’re having half our daily calories just as a quick snack in the morning.
So keep that in mind next time you think of skipping breakfast or having one on the go.