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Most Common Dieting Mistakes


2. Portion control
If you’re a person who tends to eat in cafes and restaurants a lot or order takeout on a regular basis you might be used to the portion sizes that those establishments offer. However, that doesn’t mean those potions are normal. Restaurants tend to have large portions, and being used to that you might be eating large portions of food at home without even realizing it. And this includes not only fatty foods, but also salads. You might think that having a “healthy” salad in a restaurant is better than having a burger, but when it comes to calories that is not always true. The so called “healthy” green salads in restaurants often have toppings like cheese or croutons or heavy creamy dressings that surpass a portion of fries in terms of calories. In order to avoid confusion try ordering a salad with dressing on the side, that way you can decide how much dressing you need and control your calorie intake.