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Most Common Dieting Mistakes


3. Drinking your calories
It’s a good idea to just stay away from alcohol when you’re on a diet. You might think it’s just a drink “what’s the harm in drinking 1 glass of wine or 1 cocktail?” Alcohol contains more calories per gram than proteins or even carbohydrates. So just think about how many empty calories you’re consuming when drinking. Plus, alcohol won’t make you feel full, so there’s a chance you’ll drink more that you could ever eat. If you’ve been good at staying on a diet prior to going out for drinks you might find yourself getting drunk quicker, and when you’re drunk you won’t care if you have a bunch of snacks that you would otherwise not have. Alcohol will weaken your resolve for staying on a diet and you might just find yourself thinking that you’ll start again tomorrow. Which will inevitably be followed by some hangover food like pizza or burgers the next day. So really, alcohol is your worst enemy when you’re on a diet.