Crazy Lipsticks That Will Shock You With Their Unique Looks

Did you know lipsticks can come in strange, funny and truly bizarre shapes? Neither did we. But after investigating it further, we decided we have to share the extraordinary shapes lipsticks can be made into.

Makeup is a great thing. It helps us express ourselves and is great for highlighting our best features and hiding small imperfections. The longer we use makeup, the more products we tend to love, and while using all of the makeup products is fun, most of the time every woman will have her favorite item of makeup. For some girls it’s eyeshadow, they just can’t get enough of all the shades and colors. Others can’t leave the house without mascara, because they love it when their lashes are long and voluminous. A lot of us love contouring and highlighting, it’s so cool to see how you can sculpt your face into any shape you like, basically using just shadow and light. But if you’re anything like me, your thing is lipstick. It’s such a quick and easy way to transform your look. Lipsticks come in so many different colors, shades, textures, finishes. Bright red, mauve, nude, glossy, sheer, matt — I mean, the possibilities here are endless.
But it turns out lipsticks can come not only in various colors, but also in all sorts of really interesting shapes. When I heard this, I just had to investigate. Let’s take a look at the craziest lipsticks I’ve come across.



1. Kailijumei Flower Lipsticks
Let’s start with the most beautiful lipsticks ever, at least in my opinion. This lipstick is made by a Chinese company and it had real flowers inside. Even though it looks like the flowers are encased in clear jelly, the lipsticks actually have a pink tint and some shimmer to them. Another cool thing about these lipsticks is that once you apply them onto your lips the color will change depending on your temperature and PH level. Isn’t that awesome? It’s like a mood ring, but for your lips. These pretty flower lipsticks are so popular right now that they’re out of stock. They sold out really quickly, but the website you can buy them on allows you to pre-order the lipsticks, so you’ll get one once they’re back in stock. One lipstick will cost you $30, which isn’t outrageous, considering how unique and beautiful these lipsticks are.
crazy-lipsticks-that-will-shock-you-with-their-unique-looks-01 crazy-lipsticks-that-will-shock-you-with-their-unique-looks-02 crazy-lipsticks-that-will-shock-you-with-their-unique-looks-03

2. Christian Louboutin Lipsticks
The lipstick itself is probably of amazing quality, after all it’s Christian Louboutin, but let’s talk about the packaging, shall we? The packaging of these lipsticks is so far away from a normal bullet lipstick tubes. You can’t really stand these up in a row. But it looks like they’re not meant for that, judging by the shape and the little ring on top and a ribbon attached to them, these lipsticks are meant to be worn as an accessory. Which is unusual, but a pretty rad idea. The sharp shape of it does make it look like an extravagant accessory, and it’s convenient too. You’ll never have to rummage through your bag in search of a lipstick again when it’s tied around your neck.
crazy-lipsticks-that-will-shock-you-with-their-unique-looks-11 crazy-lipsticks-that-will-shock-you-with-their-unique-looks-12 crazy-lipsticks-that-will-shock-you-with-their-unique-looks-14



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