Glow-In-The-Dark Hair Is The Newest Trend Of 2016

glow-in-the-dark-hair-is-the-newest-trend-of-2016_00We’ve seen a lot of different hair trends in the past couple of years. Remember the pixie cut craze, when all celebrities started chopping off their hair? Or the dip dyed locks that everyone from celebrities to your kids rocked? Then came the slightly calmer trends of pastel hair colors and ombres. Somewhere in that mix there was also a time everyone wanted rainbow hair. We’ve also seen some glitter roots at the end of last year that seemed very appropriate for New Year’s celebrations. Now it’s time for some crazy hair colors that glow-in-the-dark.

glow-in-the-dark-hair-is-the-newest-trend-of-2016_01To be completely fair, your hair won’t just glow-in-the-dark, you need some blacklight to make your beautiful strands glow, but most clubs have that covered for you, so you’ll definitely shine bright at any party.

glow-in-the-dark-hair-is-the-newest-trend-of-2016_02These crazy glow-in-the-dark colors aren’t difficult to achieve. There’s a couple of different companies that sell such hair products. Manic Panic is probably the best known company that produces bright colored hair dye, the company has been around since the 70’s. Manic Panic have quite a few products that glow-in-the-dark, all with awesome names. We’ve done some research and here’s the list of the ones that glow in blacklight: Cotton Candy Pink, Electric Banana, Electric Lizard, Electric Tiger Lily, Pretty Flamingo, Red Passion, Siren’s Song.

glow-in-the-dark-hair-is-the-newest-trend-of-2016_03The best part about Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye is that it’s completely vegan and cruelty free. As their website says “Manic Panic® hair color is the best of its kind. We use superior ingredients that are guaranteed Vegan and PPD free. MANIC PANIC® SEMI-PERMANENT HAIR COLOR contains no animal ingredients and is tested on celebrities, not animals™”.

glow-in-the-dark-hair-is-the-newest-trend-of-2016_04When it comes to technique, there’s a lot to consider. If you just want a couple of glow-in-the-dark strands in your hair you can probably do it on your own at home. Same with dip dyeing. If you have ombre hair, you’re in luck. Just cover it with a crazy color of your choice and enjoy effortless glow-in-the-dark dip-dye results. However, if you want rainbow hair that glows in the dark, it’s always better to have a professional do it. You don’t want to accidentally mix up all of the colors and end up with a multicolored mess.

glow-in-the-dark-hair-is-the-newest-trend-of-2016_05Now that we’ve covered all the basics, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself some glow-in-the-dark strands, to be a star of every party.