Incredible Zodiac Makeup Looks by Kimberly Money

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate astrology and zodiac signs. You don’t have to believe in it or read horoscopes every day in order to get behind this idea. This fun project was created by Kimberly Moon, an LA based photographer and makeup artist who’s only 19. She came up with an idea to create a makeup look for every zodiac sign and she did everything from start to finish. She created the makeup looks herself, she took the pictures herself and she edited them too. Also, that’s Kimberley in the pictures too, she was also her own model for this project. The result is stunning, let’s take a look.



1. Aries
Kimberly gave Aries pink hair and a very feminine, soft look. The flower crown only adds to this look, and does a great job of drawing attention to the little gold antlers. We’d say it’s a totally wearable look fit for spring or summer. Especially if you plan on going to a festival of some sort.



2. Taurus
Taurus came out a bit dark and gothic, with dark brown eyeshadow, black lipstick and jet black hair. The horns make this look even more impressive and kind of otherworldly.

3. Gemini
Gemini’s dueling nature is represented by opposing colors in the eye makeup. One side is black, the other one is white. Even the freckles are black and white. The red hair adds playfulness to the whole look.



4. Cancer
Cancer came out pretty badass too. The black to silver ombre hair gives a colder feel to this look, but the colorful eye makeup prevents it from looking washed out. The cancer neck tattoo also adds a rebellious feel to it.

5. Leo
Leo’s red mane of hair, surprisingly, isn’t the main feature in this look. The reddish orange eye makeup adds intensity to the model’s gaze and the orange lips give a powerful finish to this look. Leo looks fierce.



6. Virgo
Virgo is pictured incredibly feminine. Her skin is glowing, her lips are the color of a dusky rose. Blue flowers are adorning her long blonde hair. It’s incredibly beautiful.

7. Libra
Libra is pictured with pastel lavender hair, some pretty incredible gradient blue eyeshadow and blue lips. This is hands down one of the most creative Libra representations we’ve seen so far. The gemstones just above the eyebrows make this look even more ethereal.



8. Scorpio
Scorpio is giving us a strong Egyptian vibes with that head accessory and the dark eye makeup. This scorpio lady looks powerful and strong, not to be messed around with. The little hint of purple on the lower lash line adds a nice pop of color too.

9. Sagittarius
Sagittarius looks like she came straight out of the set of Hunger Games. The high ponytail adds elegance, the neutral lips make sure all attention is focused on the eyes. And my lord, that is the best cold stare we’ve ever seen.



10. Capricorn
Capricorn looks almost playful with that wavy lob. But the dark chocolate colored lip adds intensity to this look and the eyes are practically glowing, making Capricorn look mysterious and slightly dangerous.

11. Aquarius
Aquarius looks absolutely incredible. The long blue hair is definitely giving us mermaid vibes and the eye makeup is just mesmerizing. That gorgeous blend of pink and blues is to die for. Plus, replacing the classic “pouring water” representation of Aquarius with blue glitter tears was a nice touch.



12. Pisces
Pisces is probably or favorite Zodiac sign out of this whole project. The short pinkish bob, the metallic blue and purple eyeshadow, the glitter and gem scales – everything about this look is so perfect it kinda makes you want to go to a beach party, doesn’t’ it?