Stop Eating THAT! Surprisingly Unhealthy Food You Should Avoid

You think you know what is good and what is bad for you, right? A short test. Chips? Absolutely no-no. Vegetables? Yes, please! Cheese? Ok. Coffee? Nope. And so on. But there is plenty of food items you think are good for you, but they actually are not. It is time to reconsider your ‘healthy diet plan’ and exclude the products that are no good for your body.



Whaaat? If salad is unhealthy, than what is? That’s true, we are so used to the concept ‘salad equals healthy’ that we don’t even think about it when ordering a dish which has the word ‘salad’ in it. But let’s take a closer look.
1. Taco Salad, which contains 820 calories and 1,740 milligrams of sodium. Doesn’t look like a light lunch option.
2. Salads may contain crunchy noodles and heavy dressings, which is far from healthy.
3. Too spicy salads are not good for you if you have stomach problems (like gastritis)
4. Fat-free salad dressings do not help your body process vitamin A you get with vegetables and add even more sodium to your meal.
Of course, you don’t have to give up on salads. Just choose vegetable salads with some balsamic vinegar mixed or olive oil for dressing to make it really healthy.
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Juice is rich in vitamins and you can drink it every day instead of coffee and water? False. First of all juice doesn’t substitute daily need of water. Second of all, there are a lot of negative sides of what seems a healthy fruit drink.

1. Your body gets excess amount of fructose. The amount of sugar raises which is hard for your body to handle.
2. If you drink not a fresh, but a bottle juice – then it is definitely high in sugar
3.As you get an immediate increase of glucose and then it immediately drops you may feel fatigue, as it is stressful for your organism.
So, it is more healthier to eat fresh fruit rather than turning them into juice. One cup of fruit juice a day though will not harm.
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Milk is usually considered as super healthy food, especially for your bones, as it contains calcium. However, there is something wrong with this version:
1. Milk is a common food allergen. Just not everyone knows they have diary products allergy.
2. If you have lactose intolerance milk is not only unhealthy, but quite harmful for you
3. The milk you buy in a shop is usually processed so it has already lost its nutritional content.
4. Recent studies try to prove connection between milk consumption and increased risk of cancer, diabetes and acne.
Raw milk is more healthy but again – you can not be absolutely sure about the health of cow that produced that milk.
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Yogurt cannot be classified as unhealthy because of protein, calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus it usually contains. But then, are we speaking about natural home made yogurt or the one with fruit you buy in a shop?
1. Usually the yogurts you eat are high in sugar
2. Yogurts also contain carbohydrates as they are fatty
3. The fruit in yogurts are processed and contain artificial sweetness
If you want a healthy yogurt you can always get a plain low-fat or nonfat yogurt with no additional flavors and add fresh fruit to it.
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Bread sounds absolutely harmless. We are used to bread, and can’t give up eating it daily. However, apart from the fact wheat is genetically modified plant which is not good news already, here are some more reasons to forget about bread on daily basis:
1. Bread contains sugar and can increase the level of sugar in your blood
2. Bread is high in calories but low in nutrients
3. Whole wheat raises cholesterol, however whole wheat is still better than refined products as it contains more fiber and nutrients.
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