The Amazing IG Artist Turning Natural Hair Into Cosmic Works Of Art

Social media can be deceptive. You see one glamorous, prepared, and ultra-filtered shot that was probably someone’s thousandth selfie. It’s a warped image of reality, and often reality is actually way more of a hoot than trying to be perfect on Instagram. Here are some life struggles that are way more relatable than a skinny, tan travel blogger’s account.



The topic of natural hair is a polarizing hair, from inside our homes, to discussions in the media. A Black woman’s hair is enigmatic and mysterious – it frightens some, while others are in awe of its beauty (as it should be.)

Black women definitely still face stigma and judgement for rocking natural hairstyles, especially during a time where there is so much cultural appropriation going on with hairstyles in the media. So an artist has decided to change the conversation for the better, and encourage women to embrace their beautiful locks.

The artist, Pierre Jean-Louis, is part of the latter. His flawless muses already have stunning manes, and he makes them even more gorgeous by inserting ethereal cosmic worlds and floral arrangements. It takes the magic of natural hair and elevates it to another level.

The series is called “Black Girl Magic” and rightfully so. The word magic has been connected to black magic, and negative connotations, but also to the wondrous beauty that surrounds black women, by transforming them into these celestial scenes.

It also helps that each and every one of these woman make us extremely jealous and are all goddesses in their own rights. But they can also help us deal with our self esteem issues. Jean-Louis says: “I was amazed to see how many black women are finally letting go of their insecurities and accept themselves for who they are.”

This collection provokes a social commentary, forcing us to confront our feelings on natural hair, whatever they may be, and either learn to accept our own in it’s unruly magnificence, or respect and appreciate natural hair.

Jean-Louis refers to his subjects and other black women similar to them as “beautiful black queens”, and says that he believes Mother Nature is black, which gives us new insight into his spectacular creations.

And boy, are they beautiful queens. Most of his subjects are found on Instagram, and one of them is popular Toronto-based model, @kirathelight

And this freckled stunner, @joyjah, whose hair turns into peaks of majestic green fern trees that gather softly on her shoulders and fall over one eye, popping against her unique face. Perfection.

I mean, look at this curly girl is serving up serious cosmic fierceness with her star and milky way studded, galaxy-colored afro, calling all natural girls to unite in their natural state.